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SLS Holding

Main Assets & Investments

The main assets of  SLS Holding are the investments in three companies from the telecommunication and IT sector – “GPS Control”, “IT Soft” and “Profonika”.

“GPS Control” EAD was established in 2001. The company offers a broad range of services, including but not limited to - design, construction and implementation of information and telecommunication systems and networks for localization, monitoring and control of transit cargo, excise duty cargo, motor vehicles, vessels, railway cargo, etc.

The company is one of the first movers in Bulgaria to operate in the field of GPS applications for control, safeguard, and logistics of car fleets. The company is building one of the first 24-hour dispatch centers in the country, which, in partnership with law enforcement agencies, will guarantee its customers a quick and timely response to illegal encroachment attempts of the guarded car fleet or cargo. “GPS Control” EAD develops and maintains the software application FIXY - a system for monitoring, control, and analysis of the operation of the fleet in real time and the conduct of subsequent analysis, as well as a GPS system for control of public transport.

The main activities of “IT Soft” EOOD are focused on the design, construction and implementation of information and telecommunication systems, as well as networks for localization and monitoring of sites on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and other countries.

The company specializes in the production of GPS devices and development of software for control, security and logistics of the fleet. “IT Soft” EOOD develops and maintains software for operational management and control of insurance, leasing companies, and health insurance funds. Additionally, it develops a software for external connection of the main software system to other external software systems in order to make monitoring and control across systems possible.

“IT Soft” EOOD has signed a software maintenance contract with companies from Romania and Macedonia.

“Profonika” EOOD conducts its main activities in the field of information technologies and in particular in system integration. The company builds, maintains, and consults on projects related to computer hardware and networks, transmission and distribution of data and voice signals, security of information and communication infrastructures. “Profonika” EOOD has a long-term contract as a system integrator of Eurohold Business Center – a business building of class "A" with a total area of ​​26,000sq.m. The building has a monitoring and control system that allows for the timely elimination of problems. “Profonika” EOOD offers and trades with innovative products for transmission of voice signals and video image - IP telephones and IP telephone exchanges, analog phone adapters, and ISDN GSM gates. The products are fully compatible with the established standards in the industry and are designed to make the most of the capabilities of broadband networks.

In order to deliver better customer service, managers prepare the company for certification in ITIL® - IT Infrastructure Library.

SLS holds a large, diversified portfolio of financial instruments including equities, corporate bonds, government bonds cash and receivables. The company in current years has stirred its strategy towards developing financial/investment activity with the plan to significantly increase its focus on growing this line of business in the upcoming years.

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