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SLS Holding


The history of SLS Holding starts back in 1996 when Starcom Consult was established. In 2010 after decision of the board the name is changes to Specialised Logistic Systems (SLS) following strategic restructuring plan that was enrolled in 2011.


The focus of SLS Holding is the active management of a portfolio of companies in the high technologies and finance sectors. The Holding has an active strategy for acquisition of shares of companies that operate successfully in these fields.


The commitment of SLS Holding is to deliver sustainable and profitable growth through portfolio of companies that have competitive advantage in their field. Up to date the main assets of the holding are the investments in six companies.


The vision of SLS Holding is inspired by the technology and innovation capabilities and ambitions of the brands developed by the companies in the investment portfolio and their aspiration to take the lead with innovation in technology and finance.

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